Sunday, 28 August 2016

New Teen Fiction: A bi guy, his best friend, the 90s and show tunes!
I keep coming back to the 90s. I just can't help myself. 1994, in particular, grabs me. Sylvie and the Christmas Ghost was set in 1994. My new novelette, And Plaid All Over, is set in that same year. It's about two best friends who are madly in love... with Forever Plaid.

In case you haven't heard of it, Forever Plaid is a one-act musical about a singing group from the early 60s who time-travel into the future to give a concert for you, the audience. It's a weird musical for a pair of teenagers to be obsessed with, but there's a bit of a based-on-a-true-story aspect to And Plaid All Over: in 1994 or so, my best friend and I went to see Forever Plaid multiple times. Not as many times as Marco and Anna, but more than most teens. We'd stand in line for rush tickets. Much like Marco and Anna, we were always the youngest people in the audience.

For all you 90s historians out there (or at least for fans of musical theatre), I've got a few artifacts to show you.

Here's my "Plaidbill" from one performance, so when Anna asks "Why's it called a Plaidbill?" you'll know what she's talking about:

Marco and Anna are members of the Frequent Plaid Club. Here's what that's all about:

And when Marco hooks a plastic bag from the gift shop around his wrist, this is the bag:

Having said all that, And Plaid All Over is a work of FICTION so please don't sue me, Forever Plaid people!

And Plaid All Over is a cute little novelette about a bi guy with a crush on an actor, his best friend who kind of annoys him sometimes, and their mutual love of Forever Plaid (and... each other?).

You can read And Plaid All Over as an ebook from Amazon, but if you prefer paperbacks you can actually get this book in print too even though it's quite a short read.

Here be the linkages (I don't know why my urls look like they're not hyperlinked when they are...):

In the UK:
In Canada:
In Australia:

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