Saturday, 1 November 2014

Dress Like A Dude

If you've read my short story collection Rainbow Crush, then you've already encountered Dress Like A Dude. It was first published in that book, and now it's available on its own as an ebook, exclusively from Amazon. If you'd like to read Dress Like A Dude, it's available FREE from Amazon November 1-5, 2014.

 Dress Like A Dude

A short story by Foxglove Lee

What's going on in front of the school? 
When Mila and Laura get back from lunch, there's a big student protest going on. Signs and placards say "Guys Shouldn't Wear Girl Clothes" and "Dress Like A Dude." Turns out a new student doesn't believe in gender-conformity. He’s a Goth guy who wears whatever he wants, including skirts. This ninth grader's got guts!
Mila and Laura have been dating since last school year and they haven't even kissed in public. Will this young student who isn't afraid of anyone inspire them to come out, or will other kids' reactions drive them deeper into the closet?
LGBTQ fiction from the author of Tiffany and Tiger’s Eye & Truth and Other Lies!

Foxglove Lee is a former aspiring Broadway Baby who now writes queer fiction for teens and young adults. She tries not to be too theatrical, but her characters often take over. When you’re done with her short story collection Rainbow Crush, grab her novel Tiffany and Tiger’s Eye—it’s set in the 80s and there’s an evil doll! What more could a reader ask for? Follow Foxglove on Twitter @foxglovelee or stay tuned to her blog for more!

Dress Like A Dude is FREE at Amazon from November 1st through 5th. Grab a copy on me!

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