Thursday, 13 August 2015

...but we're not exclusive...

One of the publishers I work with only contracts short stories for a period of one year. Makes sense, actually. Sales of short fiction tends to drop off pretty soon after release. If you ever feel like there's a deluge of short fiction out there, that's probably why.

When my rights came back to me, I figured I'd self-publish those shorts. I only had an account with Amazon at that time, so I only uploaded them to Amazon. For a long while, we were exclusive.

But not anymore!

It no longer seems beneficial to put all my eggs in Amazon's basket, so I've started the slow process of teasing them out and making them available at other retailers.

The stories we're talking about, here, are the ones that comprise my short fiction anthology Rainbow Crush. So if you own Rainbow Crush, you own these stories. And thanks!

If you prefer to pick and choose, buying your shorts as individual ebooks, then I've got good news for you. Actually, I've got links where you can purchase some shorts. I've also got links to short fiction at subscription places like Oyster and Scribd. So if you have accounts there, give my shorts a read! Doesn't cost you anything.

Here are some ebooks that are no longer exclusive to Amazon:

Happy Birthday, Klutzface!

I Know What Gay Is

Dress Like a Dude

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