Saturday, 30 November 2013

Here's What I've Got So Far... (and meaningful libraries and a cover reveal!)

When I think about the libraries that have absorbed me, the first main one that springs to mind is my middle school library.  I only went to that school for two years (Grades 7&8), and yet that library is far more solid in my mind than the one at my elementary school, or my high school, or even the university and public libraries I've spent so much time studying in.

Maybe it was the architecture.  My middle school was built in the late 60s, and the architecture was very much of that period: avant-garde, geometric, modernist, and bright.  I remember so much light in that library.  It didn't feel dank or musty or old.  Though it was on the first floor of a 2-storey school, the ceiling went straight up to tall skylights.

But maybe it was the books, or rather the mystery of exploring what I might find on those shelves.  I never really knew what I was looking for, but I knew I wasn't finding it.  I was looking for myself, actually.  And I wasn't on those shelves.  I wasn't represented there.

So, twenty years later, I wrote that book.  Next year you'll be able to buy it from Prizm Books:

This is a SCARY cover reveal!

Just now I'm working on the marketing materials--the blurb, except, all that.  Sometimes writing a blurb feels harder than writing the actual book, but here's what I've got so far:
How many secrets can a family keep?

If there's one thing Rebecca knows, it's how to hide her problems. But with a rock-and-roll dad who drinks too much and a mom who works day and night, Rebecca needs a sympathetic ear.  That's why she tells her troubles to Yvette, an antique doll that once belonged to her grandmother.

In the summer of 1986, after her father's strange disappearance, Rebecca and her little brother are sent to the cottage with Aunt Libby and Uncle Flip. Rebecca's relieved to get away from the city, and her relief grows to bliss when she meets Tiffany, a water-skiing blonde who dresses like Madonna, makes her own jewelry, and claims to see auras.

But strange things happen when Rebecca spends time with Tiffany.  Her aunt and uncle are convinced she's acting out -- and she'd have good reason to, considering they obviously know where her father is and won't say -- but she can't convince them she isn't the one trashing her bedroom and setting fires.  As crazy as it seems, Yvette must be the culprit.

There's nothing more dangerous than a jealous doll that knows all your secrets...

By February it'll all be sorted. Can't wait to scare you!  Actually, Tiffany and Tiger's Eye is as much a sweet lesbian romance as it is an evil doll horror story, so I hope to enchant you as well.

Until then...

Sleep tight.

Foxglove Lee 

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