Monday, 17 March 2014

A Course for YA Writers: "Lockdown: Growing Up in a Violent Culture"

I came across this learning opportunity for YA authors. Posting it here in case anyone is interested: 

*Permission to forward granted and appreciated*

Journey into the dark and gritty world of teen violence, peer pressure, and other hazards in this course designed for both beginners and experienced writers.

Lockdown: Growing Up in a Violent Culture
Instructor: Peter Andrews
Dates: April 14-25, 2014
Cost: $10 for YARWA members ($20 for non-members)


About the Course: Teens face unimaginable threats from gangs, shooters, and bullies. Schools add screening, surveillance, and tough rules in response. How do you grow up when you’re caught between fear and zero tolerance?

Lessons will cover:

Bullies, Gangs, and shootings - Why Columbine still haunts our children

Security - The yin and yang of managing violence

Fun and Games - Parties, dating, peers, and pecking order

Deadly Streets - Families, friends, the neighborhood, and society

Villains and Heroes - Passion and personal responsibility

Provocative questions - Hazardous choices and hopes

About the Instructor: Peter Andrews is a full-time, independent writer of speeches, articles, and blogs. He has dozens of short stories and hundreds of nonfiction articles in print. He has worked professionally in PR, and as a Web producer, speechwriter, and radio producer. He is the author of the popular How To Write Fast Blog,


For any questions, please contact Lea Nolan, YARWA VP of Programs at vp-programs (at)YARWA (dot) com or Aileen Fish, YARWA Workshop Coordinator at aileen (at) aileenfish (dot) com

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Mango Takes a Bite out of Tiffany. Or Something.

I heard from Shira Glassman, author of the lesbian fantasy novel The Second Mango, that she read my book Tiffany and Tiger's Eye in one sitting!  When you write a 67,000-word novel, that's a huge compliment.  Wish I could have written it in one sitting, hahaha! That book took forever.

Back to this review or musing or blog post or whatever you want to call it... well, what's the point in explaining it to you?  I'll just give you the link.  I found it very funny, but maybe I'm just feeling giddy because someone actually read my novel.

“Tiffany and Tiger’s Eye”: New Young Adult horror novel with lesbian romance from Foxglove Lee (Prizm Books):

Thank you, Shira!


Monday, 3 March 2014

I Hate Love is FREE this week!

I have a present for you. It's at Amazon, waiting for pickup.

The contract on my lesbian romance short "I Hate Love" recently expired, so I thought I'd publish it myself. Amazon lets me make it free for 5 days, so amble on over between March 3rd and March 7th and get yourself a FREE copy.

Amazon UK|

by Foxglove Lee

Where's a girl to go when every direction is the wrong direction?

Half the school calls Laura "The Ice Queen." Even her closest friends have never seen her cry... until she's assigned to debate a Pro-Valentine's Day position in class. As far as Laura and Mila are concerned, V-Day's just an excuse to sell chocolate. Their friend Jaden says they're against Valentine's Day because they hate love. Maybe he’s right. Laura's never wanted the things teens are supposed to want most. Why is she so different?

On the eve of Valentine's Day, warmth creeps into Laura's life from unexpected sources. By midnight, life might not feel quite so icy.

A short story for teens. 

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