Sunday, 3 January 2016

Truth and Other Lies is one of USA Today's Must-Read Romances of 2015
What an honour!

I always figured I'd be one of those authors who went through life never getting noticed. And I was okay with that. I'm not a "look at me!" kind of person.

But one of my books did get noticed in 2015, by Happy Ever After and Michelle Monkou at USA Today.

Truth and Other Lies has been named one of their Must-Read Romances of 2015, and I want to give a shout-out to my book (way to go, book!), to my characters (nice one, Kenny!), to my publisher (thanks a million, Evernight Teen!) as well as my editor, cover designer, and everyone else who laid a finger on this story.

In Michelle Monkou's review, she calls the book "definitely unforgettable", the writing "bold", and says "the story has drama with a capital D that makes it a perfect book to read with your friends."

Getting noticed can be an unexpected joy. Who knew?

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