Thursday, 8 May 2014

Happy Birthday, Klutzface will be FREE May 12-16th 2014

When my contract expired on "Happy Birthday, Klutzface" and my rights reverted to me, I marched them straight over to Amazon so fans of Mila and Laura wouldn't miss them too much.

(Remember Mila and Laura? From "I Hate Love"?)

Don't rush over to buy a copy just yet! (Well, you can if you really want to. I would love that, actually.)  But "Happy Birthday, Klutzface" will be FREE from May 12-16th 2014, so if you can hold off for just a few more day's you'll get yours free.

And you should definitely snag a copy because it's a funny little story. It's sooo cute!
Laura and Mila from “I Hate Love” are back in this birthday comedy by Foxglove Lee!

It’s a comedy of errors when Laura prepares a romantic dinner for Mila’s birthday. Laura isn't the world's best cook to begin with, but everything goes wrong in the immaculate home Mila's housesitting for her aunt. The cat escapes, the parmesan explodes, the fire alarm blares, and the trouble's only just begun!

Laura and Mila wanted to share an evening of domestic bliss. Will their glimpse at adult life drive them into each other's arms, or drive them apart completely?

A funny story of 5,000 words.

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