Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Mango Takes a Bite out of Tiffany. Or Something.

I heard from Shira Glassman, author of the lesbian fantasy novel The Second Mango, that she read my book Tiffany and Tiger's Eye in one sitting!  When you write a 67,000-word novel, that's a huge compliment.  Wish I could have written it in one sitting, hahaha! That book took forever.

Back to this review or musing or blog post or whatever you want to call it... well, what's the point in explaining it to you?  I'll just give you the link.  I found it very funny, but maybe I'm just feeling giddy because someone actually read my novel.

“Tiffany and Tiger’s Eye”: New Young Adult horror novel with lesbian romance from Foxglove Lee (Prizm Books):

Thank you, Shira!


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