Friday, 13 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! You're Getting A Free Book!

I promised you a great gift for Valentine's Day, and here it is: for a limited time only, you can grab a copy of Sylvie and the Christmas Ghost absolutely FREE at certain retailers.

Is it weird to give a Christmas ebook as a V-Day gift? Yeah, probably, but oh well. 

Sylvie and the Christmas Ghost was written for younger young adults (the main character is 14), but I write books that keep me entertained as an adult, so I recommend it for all ages. It's set in 1994, so blast from the past if you grew up in the nineties! (Or if you were alive in the nineties!) And if you weren't... we didn't have cell phones then. Well, I didn't. I think they existed, but only hotshots had them. 

Here's me going blah-blah-blah when all you're really interested in is where you can get this fabulous book at this fabulous price. (Although, if you want to hear more of my blah-blah-blah about the book, read my post about it: )

If you just want your free book with no fuss, here's where to go:


You can also buy Sylvie and the Christmas Ghost IN PRINT from Createspace, but it's not free (sorry!):

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