Monday, 14 April 2014

Ask Your Doctor... I mean LIBRARIAN. Ask Your Librarian.

I need your help.  Not your money!  I'm not asking for money, don't worry (unless you really want... well, nah, never mind about that). Just a teensy-tinsy (tinsy?) fraction of your day will do.  Maybe three minutes? Maybe less.

When I was a teen, I read library books. Exclusively. I couldn't afford to buy novels. Are you kidding? My family could barely afford to eat, and I was a voracious consumer of books.  (My brother was a voracious consumer of cereal, but that's a story for another day.)
As soon as my novel Tiffany and Tiger's Eye came out, the first thing I did was start contacting public libraries across the globe to ask if they'd consider including my book in their collections.

Why was this so important to me? Because when I was growing up, I never did find a young adult novel about a girl who liked girls. That's all I was really looking for. "Please, why can't there be a lesbian novel in this library!" So, twenty years later, I wrote one for my younger self.  And I hope young people today will find what I never could.

This is where you come in.

Are you ready?

I need your help to make Tiffany and Tiger's Eye available IN YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY.  Do want a quality LGBT fiction to be made available to young adults in your area, so they won't feel as alone as I did at that age? Of course you do!

So let your library know you want to see Tiffany and Tiger's Eye on their shelves.

How? I don't know how!  Tell me how!!!

Okay, no problem.  Here's how:

1. Go to your library's website.
2. Search your library's catalog. If Tiffany and Tiger's Eye is there, your work is done. Check it out and read it. It's great!
3. If it's not there, look for a link that says "Suggest a Purchase." (this might be in an "About Us" section or buried somewhere. If you hunt for it and can't find it, click on "Contact Us" or something similar.)
4. You might have to sign in with your library card. You might not. Depends on the library.
5. Give your library as many details as you can about the book you're suggesting. In this case...

(Updated February15, 2017)  
Title: Tiffany and Tiger's Eye
Author: Foxglove Lee
Book Format: Book and Ebook are both available--select the one YOU want to see in your library
Paperback ISBN: 9781543006230
Ebook ISBN: 9781370136216

Year of Publication: 2017
Adult, Teen, or Children's book?: Teen

If the form asks why the library should consider purchasing this book or where you heard about it, be honest. If you heard about it right here, right now, you can tell them that--author's website, online--and as for why? Well, I can only hope that if you're still reading, it's because you want to see quality, age-appropriate LGBT fiction available for young people in your area.

6. If your library system doesn't have a specific "Suggest a Purchase" form, you might have to send them an email or use a "Contact Us" form. Just let them know that you're contacting them because you want to see Tiffany and Tiger's Eye by Foxglove Lee in your local library. Send them all that book information I've listed above.

See? That was pretty easy!

You can recommend any book for purchase, but most library systems request that you don't submit forms for books over 2 years old or books that are bestsellers/by bestselling authors. Don't worry--neither is the case, here. *wry laughter*

Just because you submit a purchase suggestion doesn't automatically mean your library will buy the book you want to read, but in the case of an indie-published LGBT novel like Tiffany and Tiger's Eye, libraries aren't going to acquire copies unless YOU--the citizens, the people, the readers!--ask for it.

(By the way, if you're still saying, "Shut up and take my money," here's what you can do: buy a copy or copies of Tiffany and Tiger's Eye to DONATE to your local library. Links are below. And I'm sure your library will love you as much as I do!)

Tiffany and Tiger’s Eye
A Novel by Foxglove Lee
Ebook ISBN: 9781370136216
Print ISBN-13: 9781543006230
ISBN-10: 154300623X

Now Available in Print!

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