Friday, 24 January 2014

Ode To My Publisher: Prizm Books

I think introductions are in order. Have you met my publisher, Prizm Books? Prizm Books, you.  You, Prizm Books.  Ahhh, just look at the two of you.  This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

I'll let Prizm tell you a bit about itself:

Prizm Books is a line of Young Adult fiction, focused on providing great mainstream and LGBT stories in all genres, from science fiction to historical to contemporary. Our mission is to encourage and publish young adult books that focus on the story. Today's young readers crave stories they can relate to, stories about their lives. Prizm Books is committed to producing great, positive books that young adults will love, enjoy losing themselves in and will want more of!

There‘s room under the rainbow. Come and see what Prizm Books is all about!

That comes from their website,

My first novel, Tiffany and Tiger's Eye, is coming to Prizm Books soon.  If you're a writer who wants to pitch them your dream, this is the link for you:

But wait... there's more! I'm going to be featuring different books from Prizm's catalogue here at the blog as I wait patiently for my own book to come out. Stay tuned!

Foxglove Lee

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