Sunday, 28 April 2013

Happy Birthday, Klutzface! (Mila and Laura are back for more!)

Some stories (like "The Secret to a Perfect Latke") are entirely fanciful.  Others, like my new release "Happy Birthday, Klutzface!" are firmly rooted in reality.

Yeppers, this one is based on a true story.  If you follow me on Twitter (@foxglovelee) you might have heard me moaning about the comedy of errors that was my birthday dinner this year.  Well, a story has come of it, and it stars my favourite girls, Mila and Laura.

In the mood for a comedy?

It’s a comedy of errors when Laura prepares a romantic dinner for Mila’s birthday.  Laura isn't the world's best cook to begin with, but when everything goes wrong in the immaculate home Mila's supposed to be house sitting, the trouble's only just begun.  Laura and Mila wanted an evening of domestic bliss.  Will their glimpse at adult life drive them into each other's arms or drive them apart completely?

Happy Birthday, Klutzface!
by Foxglove Lee
19 / Words: 4800
Genre: Prizm Pinch, GLBT, Contemporary
Age Rating: Young Adult
Available from:

Read an Excerpt:

When Mila tossed the last of the spilled cheese into the sink, Laura looked up from the potato she was chopping. “I know we got off to kind of a rocky start, but I’m sure dinner’s going to be g--ahhh!”

“Oh my God!” Mila screamed when blood dripped on the cutting board. “What did you do?”

“My thumb! I cut it.” Laura dropped the knife and grabbed her thumb. “It hurts!  It hurts!”

“Oh my God! Oh my God!”  Mila didn’t know what to do. “Don’t panic!”

“I’m not panicking. You’re panicking.”

“You are too panicking.”

“No I’m not,” Laura howled. “I’m just screaming because it huuuuuuurts!”

“Here.” Mila turned on the tap. “Run it under some water.”

“That’s for burns, not for cuts.”

“It’s for cuts too, to get the germs out.” Mila grabbed Laura by the wrist and shoved her hand under the tap.

“Owwww!”  Laura jerked her hand away, nearly throwing Mila across the kitchen. “You turned on the hot water, stupid!”

Mila gasped. “How dare you call me stupid? It’s my birthday!”

“Well, sorrrrrry!  Blame it on the blood loss.” 

Laura wrapped one of the pristine linen tea towels around her thumb before Mila could stop her. “What are you doing?  You’re going to stain that!”

“I’m only dying here, and you’re worried about what your aunt will think?”

That was a way more loaded statement than Laura probably meant.

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