Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I Hate Love, a lesbian Valentine's Day (or anti-VDay?) ebook

Hey, so Valentine's Day is a week away.  I think that means it's time for a new V-Day story.

Or anti-V-Day story... or V-Day story...

Wait, is my new story "I Hate Love" a Valentine's story or an anti-Valentine story?


Readers will have to be the judge.

Half the school calls Laura "The Ice Queen." Even her closest friends have never seen her cry... until she's assigned to debate a Pro-Valentine's Day position in class. As far as Laura and Mila are concerned, V-Day's just an excuse to sell chocolate. Their friend Jaden says they're against Valentine's Day because they hate love. Maybe he’s right. Laura's never wanted the things teens are supposed to want most. Why is she so different?

On the eve of Valentine's Day, warmth creeps into Laura's life from unexpected places. By midnight, life might not feel quite so icy.

Laura’s locker wasn’t far from class, and she stuck her head inside, digging around for tissues. When the bell rang, she kicked herself for leaving her books on her desk. Now she’d have to go back to Mr. Godfrey’s room looking like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer… if he was drunk and high. She grabbed her compact and tried to pat on enough powder to cover up the redness.

“Hey, you!” Mila’s voice was unmistakeable over the clatter of students. “I brought your books.”

“Okay, thanks.” Laura didn’t even look out from behind her locker door. “Just toss ‘em on the ground.”

Her cracking voice must have been the giveaway because Jaden pulled her locker wide open. “What’s with you, pooh?”

“Wait, are you crying?” Mila cackled, then covered her mouth. “Sorry, sugar. Just, I didn’t think you had room for tears in that teeny-tiny body, there.”

A stream of anger coursed through Laura’s body, and before she could stop herself she’d smashed her locker shut. “Well I do, so why don’t you shut up?”

The whole hallway went dead quiet.

People were looking. Everybody was staring at her. God, why was she acting like such a freak?

Laura’s head buzzed as she yanked her books out of Mila’s arms. She was trying so hard not to look Mila in the eye that she ended up brushing the back of her hand against her friend’s big breast. It was just an accident, but the touch shocked her body. Even after she’d stormed away, her hand kept getting warmer. By the time she’d stomped through the stairwell doors, her skin was actually tingling.
And in order to read "I Hate Love" by Foxglove Lee, you'll have to scoop up a copy.  It was published today by Prizm Books (I love my publisher) and it's available from their parent site (Torquere Press):

and Amazon:

and OmnLit:

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