Saturday, 1 December 2012

I Will Follow You...

Follow you wherever YOU may GO... OoOoOOooo...

So, I have this twitter account (@foxglovelee) but I'm having a bit of trouble finding people to follow, if you can believe that.  I'm particularly interested in following other authors, especially of queer fiction and YA, and stuff related to reading, writing, publishing, all that jazz.  Oh, and jazz!  Broadway would be even better.  And crafting.  Quilting is my fave.

So if you're on Twitter and you think I might like you and you might like me, let me know.  I want to follow you, just tell me you exist!  It's really that easy to get into my good books.

Again, I'm @foxglovelee on Twitter and I would love to follow you.

Adieu to you and you and you,

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