Sunday, 2 December 2012

I Need Help Again (What else is new?)

So, here's a problem I'm having as a new author on the YA scene:

Where can I promote my work?

At the moment, I'm looking for Yahoo Groups to join.  Specifically, I'm on the look-out for groups related to LGBT and general YA, book promotion... that sort of thing.  So far, I'm having not so much luck.  Seems like it would be easy to find relevant Yahoo Groups, but apparently not.  At least, not for me.


Does anyone know of any good groups for discussing and promoting queer YA, or even general fiction?  I managed to find the group for my publisher, Prizm Books: but one is not enough! LOL  I want to join more groups. More, more, more!

Thanks for your advice!  Much appreciated.

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